Media Monitoring System
Dazzledrive Publishing has access to an IT-System that enables us to track radio-
and TV stations that matter for royalty collection 24 hours, 7 days a week.
This allows us to document every single use of our published works on those channels
and control the collection society reports to maximize the profit from our copyrights.
Our writers profit from an immensly improved commercial exploitation of their works.


Digital distribution network
We have the possibility to release master recordings through two of the biggest european
digital distributors. Our products are available for download on all important online music
stores worldwide (itunes, amazon, napster, 7digital, musicload, etc).


Mobile distribution network
In addition to our digital distribution network, we have direct contracts with the world’s
leading ringtone distributor. We had our ringtones advertised on national TV.


Rights clearing
With our market knowledge and network in the music industry, we are able to clear
publishing and master rights at record speed for your film or commercial productions.